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RV Permits

The parking of Recreational Vehicles (RV’s) on the City of Clayton’s public streets and roads, without a Temporary Parking Permit, is prohibited and a violation of section 10.41.030 of the Clayton Municipal Code. In the past, RV owners could lawfully park their RV’s for up to 72 hours without a parking permit. However, because of many complaints about public RV parking, the City’s RV Parking Ordinance, was recently amended to effectively address public RV parking, and became effective on May 17, 2007. As a result, and in order to lawfully park your RV on the public streets or roads, all RV’s must display a Temporary Parking Permit.

The Temporary Parking Permit can be obtained from the Police Department by calling 673-7350, or by going to the City’s Web Site and “clicking” onto the link for a Temporary Parking Permit. There is no fee for the permit. For a nominal fee, guests of a Clayton resident can park on the public street or road for up to 10 days after obtaining a Temporary Guest Parking Permit. The Temporary Parking Permit will allow the owner of a RV to legally park on the public streets or roads for up to 72 hours before and for up to an additional 72 hours after each trip. The permit must be displayed on the RV’s dash board and be plainly visible.

As a reminder, RV’s can still be parked on private property for up to 120 hours (five days) without a permit. Pick-up trucks with camper shells are not included in this new RV Ordinance.

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